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DevSecOps- Next Stride for DevOps ... 27th July

SecOps is a collaboration between your security and operations teams. Know more about SecOps, How you can combine your dev, sec, and ops teams, SecOps for containers, frameworks ... Read More

DevOps Assessment- Assess, Analyse, Implement, Achieve! ... 13th July

DevOps assessment is a set of questions which different personnel from an organisation can answer and on the analysis of these answers you can get an idea of the organisation's DevOps maturity. Why DevOps assessment and what can you achieve out of it? Find out in this blog ... Read More


03_Tech blogs-1 Tech blogs

How to deploy Docker images on OpenShift? ... 19th July... Read more

How does Blue/Green deployment work with AWS? ... 7th July... Read more




Continuous Testing in DevOps

Software has shifted from a role of supporting the business to being a major source of innovation resulting in increased demands for faster development. Agile development is a result of this demand, increasing the speed of development and delivery. However, this increased pace of development has meant more pressure on Ops and QA teams to release more software reliably.

Test teams face a trifecta of pressures based around:

  • Increasing complexity of software that is being tested
  • Cost of maintaining dedicated testing environments that cover all supported platforms
  • Shortened delivery schedules impact time available for testing

This Opcito whitepaper briefs about addressing these issues with DevOps, Automation, Virtualization, Cloud, and Continuous testing... Read more


05_What our customers say What our customers say:

“I would like to congratulate the Opcito team on a job well done! Their expertise in application performance management has helped us to bring down the root-cause analysis time significantly.”

- VP Engineering,

Automated Customer Retention Platform Company

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