Newsletter, February 2020

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CI Pipelines and DevOps Assembly Lines – an analogy

Our need for faster application delivery has brought forth efficient ways to develop and collaborate. DevOps is at the epitome of this innovation curve with its agile practices. One such practice that is... Read More

7 major trends that will rule DevOps in 2020

Since the term DevOps came on the horizon in 2009, we have constantly seen the progress and advancements on the technology as well as the business side of it. IDC expects the DevOps market... Read More

03_Tech blogsTech blogs

Adding value to your TestOps with pytest

The pytest framework is one of the best opensource test frameworks that allows you to write test cases using Python. With pytest, you can test almost anything – databases, APIs, even a UI. However, pytest is mainly used... Read More

Enriching UI with Styled Components in React

Increasing data volumes are like double-edged swords. The good thing about that is – a lot of data means a lot of information and a lot of value that comes with it. However, it also means a lot of technology to store and analyze this information is on its way... Read More

3 things you need to know about OCR

Technology has become an integral part of our lives and is influencing everyday decisions not only for individuals but for society as well. Pick any section of society or the areas we work in such as education, transportation, medicine, entertainment... Read More

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