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TestOps at the Speed of DevOps - 17th August

DevOps has been a much talked about trend in recent years and it has reduced time taken for software delivery from few weeks to few hours. The testing and QA teams need to gear up to make sure that the delivered software is...Read More

Ops with AWS - 30th August

AWS is a leader when it comes to cloud infrastructure provisioning. There can be various reasons as to why AWS is still leading the space but the prime reason is its services portfolio. Read more about the AWS services around the... Read More


03_Tech blogsTech blogs

What’s new in Kubernetes 1.7?
- 3rd August

Introduction to Heptio Ark
- 8th August




DevSecOps: Building Security into Your DevOps Processes

DevOps enables organizations that embrace the movement and culture to be more competitive by enabling faster, more reliable software releases by leveraging automation to replace manual processes involved in shipping software. A side effect of this speed is that security tools and processes need to move at the same pace to keep up. The idea driving DevSecOps or Rugged DevOps is to bake the security testing of the application under development into the process used to ship it. Automation of these processes is helping us in combining the strengths of both computers and people.What are the best practices for implementing DevSecOps in your organization? This whitepaper will answer this question by giving a comprehensive idea of possible best practices that can be implemented for secured DevOps...Read more


05_What our customers say What our customers say:

“With Opcito’s aid, we were able to easily migrate monolithic application to a serverless infrastructure with proper Compliance management and Governance.”


- CTO, Leading cloud services company

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