Newsletter, April 2020

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Multiply the benefits of cloud with multi-cloud

Cloud adoption and its importance have been the topic of everyone’s interest for more than a decade now. Various reports underpin the statement that the cloud is the way for IT. Gartner’s study shows that the cloud... Read More

Continuous Compliance in DevOps

Speed has been an essential component of any evolution. The need for speed brought forth wheels and the same need for speed in application development brought cultural shifts like DevOps. With this increased speed, it became vitally important to increase the overall... Read More


03_Tech blogs-1Tech blogs

Managing multiple environment configurations in React App

Building a user interface is one of the most important aspects of any product development. It can make or break the customer base irrespective of how strong the application functionality is. React is a JavaScript library... Read More


Introduction to Persistent Volumes and mounting GCP Buckets on Containers

The global application container market has been on the up and is expected to go beyond $8 billion by 2025. Almost all major players are trying their best to capture this market by introducing feature-rich services. Google Cloud Platform... Read More

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