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What is Infrastructure as Code and why should you go for it?

End-to-end automation of the software development process is the thing now. In recent years, one can surely say that automation of the overall application development process has gone mainstream although individual parts of the overall process... Read More

Best practices and tools that will elevate your Infrastructure as Code

In my last blog, I talked about whats and whys of Infrastructure as Code. It is important to understand that IaC is more than just automation. Similar to code development, it is about managing your operations environment in a better way using rules... Read More


03_Tech blogs Tech blogs

Kubernetes 1.14 – Welcoming Windows workloads now

The first release of 2019 for Kubernetes is here! And it’s a big one. A total of 31 updates with a full third of them being moved to stable and another third of them moving to beta. This is the most enhancements that have graduated to stable in one Kubernetes...Read More

AWS Blockchain Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is popular as an application-specific cloud computing platform that provides infrastructure and services for various cloud-native applications. This includes archiving, backup & restore, content delivery, DevOps... Read More

What’s new from Elastic for DevOps and Big Data?

Elastic is popular for its open-source search experiences among users in the fields of database and Big Data. It aims at deriving actionable insights from the large pool of data and has gained widespread popularity owing to its reliability, transparency, and ease-of-use.... Read More

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