Newsletter, April 2018

01_From the CEOs desk-1Form the CEO's desk

Deciphering containerd

Containerd was introduced by Docker as their container runtime and later Docker donated it to CNCF. Containerd is used by Docker, Docker's Moby and LinuxKit, etc. Most of the leading container platforms are now taking interest in containerd and the latest release... Read More

Our insights on the latest releases

Microservices simplified with NGINX app server platform

Most feature-rich release by Kubernetes – 1.10


03_Tech blogsTech blogs

How to make your application highly scalable and highly available with Corosync and DRBD file sync?



05_What our customers say What our customers say

“I would not hesitate to recommend Opcito for doing a wonderful job of building a HTTP REST API layer to aggregate our standalone cloud based application.”

- CTO / Co-founder,
Cloud services brokerage platform

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