Owing to the massive technological push, the field of engagement with customers and potential customers has moved to the digital world. Whether you are a merchant trying to out-maneuver the competition or a bargain hunter looking for best deals, today technology is the main catalyst for all these decisions. On an average, an individual spends 1/4th of his day on the internet – which gives marketeers an excellent shot at maximizing their chance of inducing a buying decision. Opcito’s in-depth knowledge of the marketing automation space, loyalty management, customer advocacy and retention space coupled with Cloud, Machine Learning and automation prowess, has helped its customers in this space reduce time to market and launch full-featured products faster.

Why choose Opcito for MarTech engineering?
  • SaaS Integration - Realize the full potential of your SaaS ecosystem by integrating different elements of your mar-tech ecosystem for faster and efficient operations
  • Machine Learning - Incorporating bots for better customer experience or scaling sentiment analytics for better engagement - do more with your mar-tech with our Machine learning expertise
  • ChatOps Development - Combining notification systems, chatbots, chatroom integration tools, real-time communication tools with NLP and conventional interfaces to revolutionize the way your mar-tech applications interact with prospects



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