How to Engage with Us

Opcito offers highly flexible engagement and business models for you to get started. Our business and technology experts help you pick the right models based on your:

  • Short ­term business objectives
  • Long ­term goals

We promise to make this cost­ effective for both organizations, where we can easily start with a small team and seamlessly grow this team over time.

    We understand the importance of confidentiality and ensure that your idea, concept, and data is completely secure.
  • Requirement AnalysisRequirement Analysis
    We understand the requirements and design a complete execution roadmap for the project to be delivered so that you and we will have appropriate checkpoints and scheduling.
  • Select Engagement ModelSelect Engagement Model
    We offer engagement model tailored to fulfill your specific requirements and provide operational efficiency, productivity, and quality at reduced costs.
  • Project kickoffProject kickoff & Implementation
    We ensure all project stakeholders clearly understand the business goals driving the project. The project model is tailored to reflect the maturity and complexity of the specifications, technology, and process.
Project Handover
Project Handover
The final stage covers the user acceptance testing, user guide preparation, training, deployment of the application and hand over the application to the customers.


  • Dedicated Team
    • Ideal for long-term engagements
    • Projects that rely on Opcito's domain expertise
    • Full management control over the project and team
    • Transparent and simple pricing system
    Hybrid Team
    • Combination of a dedicated team for long-term tasks with small temporary teams to extend team capacity
    Non-dedicated Team
    • Ideal for short-term engagements
    • Small cross-functional teams
    • Ideal for projects with clearly defined requirements
  • Time and Material
    • Ideal for projects where the total effort cannot be estimated in advance
    • Project scope can be changed during the development process
    Fixed Price
    • Ideal for projects with clear scope and specifications
    • Iterative model
  • Nearshore or offshore Team
    • Extend team's capabilities with nearshore/offshore collaboration
    • Flexible and quick resource allocation
    Hybrid model
    • Onsite presence at the commencement of a project or as required.
    • Part of the team "co-located" with the customer at their premises.
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