Building next-gen software products with high performance that add edge to your business

The growing technology business and ever-evolving tech space have increased the dependency on innovation and rapid development. With the advent of Cloud, Containers, and Machine Learning technologies, the global HiTech space is in dire need of revolutionary digitization. The digitization revolution has forced HiTech companies to re-orient their business models to offer "Future-Ready" solutions.   

Opcito's deep expertise in the "as-a-service" space has helped HiTech companies to align themselves with the advancement in the business world. With the global as-a-service and solution models, Opcito has helped HiTech companies fast-track their research and development efforts considering the global as-a-service and solutioning models. 

What next for your software products?

Product modernization
Product modernization for experience-driven solutions and new revenue streams  
software innovation
Accelerate the pace of software innovation and delivery with new-age technologies
Improved customer experience
Improved customer experience with better agility, accessibility, high availability, scalability, throughput, and latency
Intelligent monitoring and security
Intelligent monitoring and security for robust business operations and risk management for early defect detection and prevention 

Opcito’s Comprehensive Services For The HiTech & Software Industry

Strategic and value-based services across the entire product development, infrastructure, automation, security, and DevOps spectrum to optimize the whole technology ecosystem with the services & solutions for HiTech, ISVs, and SaaS software needs 

Cloud engineering
Build, execute, and manage cloud-centric infrastructure and delivery chain architectures for ISVs and SaaS companies for efficient operationalization of hybrid and multi-cloud environments for added agility & operational efficiency at reduced costs 
Product & Test engineering

Conceptualization & designing MVPs to the development & deployment of the product with agile & dynamic engineering services for HiTech products with reliable and advanced automation testing methodologies  

DevOps for HiTech 

Scaling software application development practices or existing DevOps practices to match the scale demanded by your enterprise to set up a rapid delivery cycle that drives business growth and sets a value-chain

Data engineering services

Robust ETL pipeline and big data processing, deep learning, data warehousing, and embedded analytics for intelligent data engineering to get the best out of your data 

Enterprise applications & integrations
Design, develop, and deploy large-scale applications that will transform the business processes and integrate your existing application portfolio for reduced CAPEX 
Security services 
Building a robust infrastructure and application environments for your HiTech needs with identity and access management, governance & risk compliance solutions combined with vulnerability tests and precautionary measures to protect against cyber threats and attacks 

Why choose Opcito as your partner if you are an ISV, HiTech, Software company?

Deep understanding of ISVs' business models and expertise in technologies aid you in getting your solution into the market faster 
Experts in re-engineering legacy applications and storage systems by leveraging cloud and containers coupled with the best of DevOps practices

Guaranteed efficient and faster application delivery with a certified team of engineering experts and solution architects


Unmatched experience in infrastructure configuration for cost-effective and reliable infrastructure management  

Extensive partner ecosystem that includes leading cloud service providers, cloud software and platforms, and container and open-source ecosystem
Impeccable service quality with iron-clad SLAs for committed delivery of quality, availability, and responsibilities