HiTech & Software

HiTech and Software

With the advent of Cloud, Containers, and Machine Learning technologies, the global hi-tech space has the need for total digitization. The digitization revolution has forced hi-tech companies to re-orient their business models to offer “Future-Ready” solutions. Opcito’s deep expertise in the “as-a-service” space has helped hi-tech companies offer and transition to this business model very effectively. We have helped hi-tech companies to fast-track their Research and Development efforts considering the global as-a-service and solutioning models.
Why choose Opcito’s HiTech and Software focused engineering?
  • Data Intelligence - Getting the most out of your data generated with our expertise in Big data processing and Machine learning space
  • Legacy Systems Re-engineering - Re-engineering your legacy applications and storage systems by leveraging cloud and containers coupled with best of DevOps practices for more agility and efficiency and faster application delivery
  • Enterprise DevOps - Scaling your software application development practices or existing DevOps practices to match the scale demanded by your enterprise
  • Cloud Enablement / Integration - Efficient operationalization of multi-cloud environments and design, implementation and deployment of cloud-native application and environment