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With the advent of Cloud, Containers, and Machine Learning technologies, the global hi-tech space is in dire need of revolutionary digitization. The digitization revolution has forced hi-tech companies to re-orient their business models to offer “Future-Ready” solutions. Opcito’s deep expertise in the “as-a-service” space has helped hi-tech companies to align themselves with the advancement in the business world. With the global as-a-service and solution models, Opcito has helped hi-tech companies to fast-track their research and development efforts considering the global as-a-service and solutioning models.

Opcito’s comprehensive services for the HiTech & Software industry

01_DevOps for hi tech

DevOps for hi-tech

The hi-tech companies are gradually adopting the technology and specific practices to establish a faster delivery and deployment.Opcito’s DevOps services assist the hi-tech companies to set-up a rapid product delivery cycle that drives business growth and sets a value-chain.

02_Cloud engineering

Cloud engineering

Reimagining business model with Opcito’s Cloud services for increased agility and operational efficiency at reduced costs. Build, execute, and manage cloud-centric infrastructure and delivery chain architectures for hi-tech companies.

03_Product & Test engineering

Product & Test engineering

From conceptualization& designing MVP to development& deployment of the product with agile & dynamic engineering services for hi-tech products with reliable and advanced automation testing methodologies and thorough analytics for reliable solutioning.

04_Data engineering services

Data engineering services

Stay one step ahead of the market with the right approach to Data engineering services for the hi-tech needs with a robust ETL pipeline and big data processing, deep learning, data warehousing, and embedded analytics.

05_Blockchain services

Blockchain services

Enablingblockchain-driven transformations for hi-tech companies with decentralized application design and development expertise to adopt, navigate the complex technology ecosystem for existing and new applications.

06_Security services

Security services

Building a robust infrastructure and application environments for your hi-tech needs with identity and access management, governance & risk compliance solutions combined with vulnerability tests and precautionary measures to protect against cyber threats and attacks.

Opcito’s HiTech & Software capabilities

Strategic and value-based services to optimize the entire technology ecosystem with the services & solutions for hi-tech and software needs

Data Intelligence

Getting the most out of data with our expertise in big data processing and machine learning space

Enterprise DevOps

Scaling software application development practices or existing DevOps practices to match the scale demanded by your enterprise

Legacy Systems Re-engineering

Re-engineering legacy applications and storage systems by leveraging cloud and containers coupled with the best of DevOps practices for efficient and faster application delivery

Cloud Enablement / Integration

Efficient operationalization of multi-cloud environments and design, implementation and deployment of cloud-native application and environment

Opcito’s HiTech and software focused engagement models

Opcito is one of the leading hi-tech software solution providers that offer robust solutions and a great digital platform to help software companies deliver revolutionary software products.

01_Startup labs-1

Startup labs

Customized services for hi-tech focused startups to ensure expert assistance to ideate, design, and develop MVPs/POCs rapidly.

02_Outsourced product development

Outsourced product development

Dedicated development teams and facilities for your hi-tech products that will super-charge your engineering team's productivity.

Product sustenance

Product sustenance

Hi-tech focused maintenance and support for your legacy systems while enhancing application performance for better customer experience.



Building highly focused development teams, streamlining operations, and IP, infrastructure, resources, intelligence transfer for future engagement for your hi-tech requirements.

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