The financial services space is on the brink of a major transformation with the rise of disruptive technologies like Blockchain coupled with the power of cloud and analytics. Today’s consumers prefer digital channels to interact with financial service providers – this behavior itself has pushed FinTech providers to offer highly flexible and convenient avenues for customer interaction – or risk losing them to more agile and digital savvy competitors. Alternate service providers like PayPal, PayTM create tremendous competition for traditional financial service providers. To keep up with this rapid change, Opcito’s FinTech focused engineering services help FinTech companies deliver superior customer satisfaction at scale.
Why choose Opcito for FinTech engineering?
  • Cloud engineering - Re-engineering your fin-tech systems and application with our cloud engineering expertise for dynamic provisioning, hyper-scale data management, self-service catalogs, and automation
  • Big data and predictive analytics - Better compliance management, personalized services, customer segmentation, and enhanced internal accountability with our deep experience in Big data and predictive analytics technologies
  • Blockchain enablement/integration - Leveraging the Blockchain technology and decentralized application design and development expertise for your fin-tech application and services
  • Machine learning - Incorporating bots for better financial analysis and risk management - do more with your fin-tech through our machine learning expertise

Opcito’s FinTech focused services


Startup labs

Customized services for fin-tech focused startups that will ensure expert assistance to ideate, design, and develop MVPs/POCs rapidly

Product sustenance

Fin-tech focused maintenance and support for your legacy systems while enhancing application performance for better customer experience

Outsourced product development

Dedicated development teams and facilities for your fin-tech products that will super-charge your engineering teams productivity


Building highly focused development teams, streamlining operations, and IP, infrastructure, resources, intelligence transfer for future engagement for your fin-tech requirements