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Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Boost the power of cloud and DevOps by introducing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to your systems. Develop software much faster & safer and reduce your time to market.

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Use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in software development processes has been on the up with the advancements in technology and knowledge pool. AI and ML-enabled product development is the new forte that organizations worldwide are ready to explore for cost-effective business processes and systems. Machine Learning powers your applications and organizations with algorithms to solve system problems with minimal human interruption. It enables faster analysis, greater efficiency, quicker abnormality detection, reporting, and automated restoration actions. Data mining, deep learning, and machine learning programming can take your application to the next level and help evolve continuously to become a more intelligent system that is free from errors. Artificial Intelligence, clubbed with Machine Learning, helps organizations scale up or down quickly and try out new things such as personalized customer experience, automated deployment of digital solutions, and deeper insights with advanced analytics that change how customers interact with your product.


Why Opcito for ML & AI Management?

Opcito has been a go-to service provider when it comes to cutting-edge product engineering and cloud automation. We combine this expertise with advanced algorithms and deep learning tech to deliver our customers the best possible Machine Learning solutions. Not only this, we are also enabling our customers with the integration of Artificial Intelligence into their products and development processes. Our Artificial Intelligence consultation services are helping our customers in their journey of data-led transformation. Our preferred tech stack includes some of the leading names in AI/ML space, such as TensorFlow, Apache Mahout, Google Cloud ML Engine, Apache Spark MLlib, Amazon Machine learning, and Azure Machine Learning.

Opcito's ML & AI guarantees

Increased Scope for Experimentation and Testing

Test and experiment various datasets using multiple models and scale up or down on your projects with machine learning and artificial intelligence as required to find out what is best for your solution 

Easy Integration

A team of AI & ML experts and data engineers to help you easily integrate ready to use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions or develop one that fits your requirements

Process Automation

Integrate AI-enabled bots or develop them with our engineers that can replicate human interaction experience for improved customer satisfaction and retention and greater service speeds

Analytics and Prediction

Open a new world of prediction through analytics with ML and analyze larger datasets to make significant human behavior predictions with accurate forecasting

Data Quality Checks

Regular, automated data quality checks monitor, identify and fix data quality to deliver trusted insights with real-time search indexing capabilities combined with de-duplication practices that enrich the data quality, boost productivity, and help with greater ROI.

Opcito's ML & AI services

Predictive, Sentiment, and DevOps analytics

Predictive, Sentiment, and DevOps analytics

Identify typical behaviors and patterns in data and processes with predictive and DevOps analytics, and make faster decisions for your applications or combine Python, machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to analyze texts to discover the hidden sentiments

Deep Learning

Deep Learning

Use vast structured and unstructured data volumes with our customized algorithms to learn and to train models that help you predict future behaviors and patterns in advance

Data warehousing & Data Mining

Data Warehousing and Mining

Leverage AI and ML to cut down human efforts in knowledge discovery in databases for implicit and potentially useful findings and aggregate data from different sources into a single, central, consistent data store in the best possible way 

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Leverage ML algorithms to process enormous amounts of consumer data, behavior, buying, and consumption patterns and find innovative solutions and approaches to pitch products in a better way to improve overall consumer experience.

Continuously Leverage Data

Continuously Leverage Data

AI and ML work together to capture continuously, process, analyze, and store data. Turn raw data into valuable and actionable insights with an automated process and algorithms. Bring value to the business and increase the overall business performance.

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