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DevOps enables faster and more secure software delivery. Better collaboration between Dev and Ops team is the basic ingredient of any DevOps strategy. The tech world has already started DevOps adoption. However, it is vital to do it in the right way. Opcito's DevOps Assessment and maturity models help you better understand and evaluate your DevOps initiatives. Based on the Assessment, we suggest the DevOps adoption & project roadmap, DevOps strategy & implementation roadmap, and DevOps automation roadmap. Our DevOps assessment experts will ensure improved operational efficiency, and faster feature delivery by setting up an end-to-end CI/CD pipeline with Agile practices & DevOps toolchain.

Opcito's DevOps Assessment Services

DevOps Capability Assessment

DevOps Capability Assessment

Assessment of the current state of DevOps culture, process, and toolchain to uncover known & unknown roadblocks to create the fastest and best possible roadmap to get to an ideal DevOps state

DevOps Maturity Metrics

DevOps Maturity Metrics

Evaluating maturity of your organization's DevOps processes such as ideation, deployment, and release against Culture, Automation, Lean, Measurement, Sharing (CALMS) scale, Continuous Delivery Maturity Metrics, and DevOps Values Maturity Metrics

Building DevOps Toolchain

Building DevOps Toolchain

Building a perfect toolchain for Source code management, Artefact management, Automated application deployment, Automated server configuration, Load performance test, Automated functional test, Continuous Integration, automated code build, Application Performance Management, Agile planning, Defect management, and Security

Building Project Roadmap

Building Project Roadmap

Building a roadmap with the help of assessment of data to define strategic qualitative & quantitative objectives, outlining the success criteria and measurement metrics, defining the toolchain for Continuous Development, Integration, Deployment, and Delivery, and designing a roadmap for pilot and actual DevOps processes

Assessment Of The Current State

  • DevOps Application Maturity

    Assessing current state and time to code, builds, deploy, run, automate and time taken from development to production, code quality, code coverage

  • DevOps Infrastructure Maturity

    Assessing your infrastructure's ability and performance to streamline automation, code, production, test, & store environments, security, and monitoring

  • DevOps Culture

    Assess your existing process, toolchains, pipelines, development methods, and stakeholders to transition to standard DevOps practices

Identifying Areas Of Improvement

  • Process Improvements

    Identify and redefine consistent and repeatable processes

  • Collaborative Improvements

    Amplify feedback, improve team communication and overall culture 

  • Qualitative Improvements

    Improve code, build, release deployment, monitoring quality

Prepare A Roadmap To Achieve Desired DevOps State

  • Align desired business features/functionalities with processes to accelerate the implementation and the delivery of application features to production

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