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Unlock the true potential of the data with our DataOps services

Maximize the value of your data with our expertise in data consolidation, warehousing, intelligence and combining it with scalable modern Dataops architectures and embedded applications

Why DataOps with Opcito?

Opcito’s DataOps and Data Engineering services accelerate innovation and help businesses make the best decisions with valuable data input. The DataOps possibilities include

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Data infrastructure

Setting up the right infrastructure by infrastructure and application modernization with cloud, modern files and data services, and workload optimization for rapid data processing

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Copy data management 

Making your data processing cost & storage efficient by eliminating the unnecessary duplication of production data by automating the creation, use, distribution, retention, and clean-up management

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Data analytics 

Getting the best out of your data by using modern DataOps tools and platforms, DataOps principles, an efficient DataOps pipeline combined with brilliant data engineers 

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Data protection

Enabling continuous data availability across functions and systems by combining cloud, backup, and recovery methods with best data protection and security practices 

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Data governance

Setting up a data processing culture with data governance and regulatory compliances for controlled data sharing, optimum retention management, user content governance practices, and case assessments

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