Data engineering

Get more out of the data your business generates
ETL and data conversion data de-duplication and construction ad-hoc data extraction
Maximize the value of your data with our expertise in data consolidation, warehousing, intelligence and combining it with scalable modern architectures and embedded applications

Big data processing

Collection and processing of large volumes of data from multiple sources in real time or in batches and processing live input data streams and indexing incoming data in a structured format

  • Extract and normalize data for consumer services - Collect large volumes of data from multiple sources in real time or in batches. Process data efficiently and store into in-memory, SQL, NoSQL datastore, documents. Build easy-to-use APIs for the processed data to be consumed
  • Real-time search indexing - Process live input data streams and index this incoming data in a structured format based on customizable business rules for optimal searching and reporting services, such as top searches, hit and miss search queries, autocomplete correction etc.
  • Time series data processing - Collect and process data from multiple sources and store to time series databases for efficient reporting and real-time visualizations

Machine learning

Get more out of your data with Opcito's analytical and methodological approach to design algorithms and integrate them with the pertinent technologies and customized data modeling solutions

  • Recommendation engines - Integrate a recommendation engine to analyze and predict the consumer preferences
  • Predictive analytics - Faster decision making with integrated predictive analytics for future application prospects
  • Sentiment analytics - Opinion mining based on NLP, text analysis, and computational linguistics
  • DevOps Analytics - Aggregate and analyze generated data and events from CI/CD pipeline for faster software delivery and to provide insights enabling better engineering decisions
  • Data warehousing and mining - Collecting and managing data from multiple resources and analyzing the data patterns

Platform and technology stack




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