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Cut-throat competition has led the software application industry to rely on application containerization technology. The containers provide resource & cost optimization in addition to agility and speed. Opcito's application containerization experts help you discover the true potential of your applications with containerization so that your applications perform faster and with greater effectiveness. We conduct a thorough assessment of your application and existing environments. We use the application containerization checklist to ensure your web-scale applications are fit for containerization. We consider the user experience and frequency of releases & updates to strategize the best possible way to containerize. Our container experts will be with you throughout your containerization journey and help you standardize applications, freeze images, perform QA Audits, and define the future course of action for a secured and optimum container experience. Partner with us to securely containerize and deploy your applications for a better developer experience.

Why Containerize?

Exceptional Portability

Containers are highly portable, and you can move applications from one environment to another without having to rebuild them to suit the new environment. Since containers don't depend on the host OS, they can run uniformly and consistently across infrastructures. 

Higher Efficiency

Higher efficiency through containerization is derived in two ways: minimizing overhead costs and using available resources. The time taken to startup containers is low, enabling developers to run multiple containers simultaneously as a single virtual machine. 

Greater Agility

Containers can be created and deployed to any environment extremely quickly to help solve many DevOps challenges. Since they are user-friendly and universal, engineers can integrate them into existing DevOps environments. 

Faster Delivery

Containers operate independently. One container's failure can be isolated from the others to ensure the continuity of applications. Large applications can be broken down into smaller compartments, helping engineering teams identify and fix bugs quickly while sticking to timelines.

Improved Security

Containers run in their self-contained environment and are isolated from one another. In the unfortunate case of a security breach, only the compromised container becomes unsecure while the others remain secure.

Adequate Flexibility

Developers can efficiently operate containers wherever needed, in virtual or bare-metal environments. This versatility allows them to meet the needs of sudden retooling environments. 

Easy Management

Managing containers is extremely simple. Container orchestration platforms help automate, install, scale, and manage workloads. Management tasks like version rollout and monitoring can easily be handled with containers.

Our Application Containerization Services


Building Images

Building container images from a parent image or an empty pseudo-image by interactively creating container images, building with a build config file, building with a Dockerfile, or building with Cloud-native Buildpacks


Enterprise Integrations

Using multiple integration approaches, including API management, application integration and messaging, Single Sign-On (SSO), authentication and authorization, monitoring, security, and ACL governance risk compliance to leverage enterprise services and assets to expose them as APIs or connect them as services 


Plug-in Development

Developing necessary plugins and/or working with existing ones to help you run third-party container networking solutions with our experience working with Docker plugin API, Kubernetes scheduler extensions, & Calico, Windows containers, and Flocker integration to enable multiple containerization solutions and multiple cloud platforms


Application Modernization

Modernizing your legacy apps and their infrastructure by deploying them in containers, refactoring to improve the internal codes, optimizing container performance, terminating obsolete containers, and deploying modern containers to ensure quicker delivery of applications

Deployment Automation

Deployment Automation

Leveraging ready-to-use containerized applications that house libraries, codes, and dependencies; automated development and release of complex applications in containers; secured & easy management and deployment of applications and containers using platforms like OpenShift/Kubernetes and Docker; automated deployment testing function to shift your applications between testing and production environments. 

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