Collaboration & Productivity

Collaboration and Productivity

It is imperative for companies to ideate and communicate very efficiently to stay one step ahead of the competition. Traditional businesses are adopting tools to structure tasks and improve the efficiency of functional teams. Opcito helps product companies in this space to consolidate and modernize applications, add support for various cloud platforms, develop plugins to support/integrate third-party solutions and offer a single customized seamless solution to the end-users.
Why Opcito for Collaboration and Productivity engineering?
  • SaaS enablement and multi-cloud support - Custom workflows for B2B systems such as CRMs and BPMs development, delivery consulting and adding support across leading cloud platforms for such products

  • Big data processing and prediction systems - Design, architect, and implement multi-datacenter high-volume data pipelines across Sales intelligence, marketing automation, and clickstream analytics solutions
  • ChatOps development - Connecting people, tools and automation enable companies to create short feedback loops, information sharing to enhance team collaboration coupled with Bots and AI tools like Slack, Cortana for Conversation-Driven-Collaboration
  • Integration and plugin development - Designing middleware frameworks, integration of systems, databases, and applications, plugin development across disparate systems to simplify decision making and seamless automation of business processes

Opcito’s Collaboration and Productivity engineering focused services


Startup labs

Idea validation to rapid prototyping everything that is required to kick-off a new product or services for collaboration of your products and services

Product sustenance

Leveraging emerging technologies like microservices transitioning, data engineering and tools around them to consolidate and modernize your applications that will extend their life

Outsourced product development

Building products and services that will help you consolidate and increase the productivity of the existing teams and environments


Building resources and infrastructure for developing consolidation and productivity solutions, operationalizing and transferring them to you