Cloud, DevOps, and Containers

Combining the DLT and augmenting technologies to deliver
automated governance efficient data management distributed cloud storage encrypted data messaging
Cloud, DevOps, & Containers
Higher scalability, agility, reliability and increased speed for better application delivery across any platform than ever before with our impeccable expertise in the space of cloud, DevOps, and containers

Cloud automation and migration

Migrate existing applications and data from physical and virtual environments to any public/private cloud platform, design and develop multi-cloud management and orchestration solutions for automated provisioning and managing of compute workloads

Application modernization

Application and infrastructure modernization for enhanced flexibility, risk mitigation, minimized disruption, and cost reduction with modern serverless and microservices architectures, cloud-native applications, containers, and DevOps practices


Assess and re-architect your existing legacy applications to consume hosted SaaS services and serverless architectures for better scale and agility at reduced costs

Continuous integration and delivery

Simplifying and automating the software delivery process by customizing your continuous integration and delivery process for making an incremental software delivery approach agile and faster than ever


Embrace continuous delivery with container-native application development, migration, automation, orchestration, monitoring, and security to deploy and run distributed applications


Measuring, monitoring, and analyzing the Cloud, DevOps, and Containers for forecasting potential threats, resolving security risks, and ensuring overall environment safety

Platform and technology stack