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  • Serverless isn’t exactly serverless!
    CEO’s Desk
    The evolution of computing gained momentum when the size of computing machines started reducing from the size of a building to that of a human palm. Virtualization added fuel to the fire and cloud ...
    Founder / CEO
  • Rehashing re:Invent
    The holiday season is a very merry time for everyone. You have Christmas to look forward to. And in addition to this, when it comes to late November, there is something else I have been looking forward to since 2012 ...
    Sr. Software Engineer
  • Go Serverless with Kubeless!
    In the past few years, cloud computing has been a game changer in a number of ways and the emergence of serverless computing/architecture is just another example of what cloud tech has been able to achieve. So, what is ...
    Sr. Software Engineer
  • How to seamlessly deploy a python function on Fission over Kubernetes?
    Introduction to Fission: Fission is a new open-source, Function as a Service framework built on top of Kubernetes. This serverless framework focuses on developer productivity and high performance and ...
    Co­-founder / CTO