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Go REST API with gRPC and MongoDB

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are one of the essential components of software today. Most projects use APIs to communicate efficiently with each other. In a microservice-based...

Ways to host a MongoDB cluster on Kubernetes

MongoDB is one of the most used database programs amongst developers. It is an open-source, general purpose, document-based, distributed NoSQL database server that is especially popular with...

Securing Kubernetes environment with internal load-balancers and Ingress on AWS and VPN

Security is one of the biggest concern nowadays and organizations have started investing a considerable amount of time and money in it. 2018 has shown every one of us why it is of utmost...

Auto-healing MongoDB replication with Terraform

Data is the next big thing and this has accentuated the importance of the way you manage your database. There are various operations that you perform with your database such as replication,...


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