Tag: Machine Learning

  • Rehashing re:Invent
    The holiday season is a very merry time for everyone. You have Christmas to look forward to. And in addition to this, when it comes to late November, there is something else I have been looking forward to since 2012 ...
    Sr. Software Engineer
  • Highlights of the AWS Summit Mumbai 2018
    The AWS Global Summit-athon 2018 kicked off earlier this year in March, with the first summit in Tel Aviv, Israel on 14th March 2018. So far 9 such summits out of the planned 35 have been ...
    Cloud DevOps Engineer
  • How to Secure Your Cloud Data with Rules-based Engine
    Cloud computing offers scalable on-demand services to consumers with greater flexibility and lesser infrastructure investment. Since cloud services are delivered using classical network protocols and formats ...
    Software Engineer
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