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  • Kubernetes 1.16 is here!
    Kubernetes1.16 is out now with exciting features and updates centered around custom resources and overhaul of metrics and volume extensions. This is the third release from Kubernetes this year and its release mascot ...
    Co­-founder / CTO
  • Kubernetes 1.14 – Welcoming Windows workloads now
    The first release of 2019 for Kubernetes is here! And it’s a big one. A total of 31 updates with a full third of them being moved to stable and another third of them moving to beta. This is the most ...
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  • Kubernetes 1.13 is here!
    Kubernetes’ final release for 2018 is here! This is the fourth release of the year and it comes just 10 weeks after the 1.12 release. Like the previous release, this release continues to focus on stability and ...
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