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Leveraging AIOps for SRE

Cloud, Agile, and DevOps have revolutionized how software is developed and consumed. Speed, dynamic implementation of changes, global presence, and quality are the areas that the IT revolution...

Connect the dots with AIOps- Making intelligent DevOps work for you

In our last pertinent blog, we talked of the futuristic AIOps and its myriad of possibilities within the DevOps community . To recap, AIOps or Algorithmic IT Ops, refers to solutions that use...

From The CEO's Desk: To Microservice or Not To Microservice Is Not The Question

Microservices is a way of breaking large software projects into loosely coupled modules, which communicate with each other through simple protocols. Microservices is a fairly familiar term now,...

From The CEO’s Desk: AIOps - Minority Report of IT world

Minority Report, a 2002 American science fiction, is a film directed by Steven Spielberg. Why am I talking about movies all of sudden? The movie had a very interesting theme where a special...


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