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  • Adios 2017 welcome 2018 – Opcito’s year in review
    2017 is behind us and we all are welcoming 2018 with lots of joy, enthusiasm, and hopes. 2017 was a great year for automation. We saw major releases from some of the biggest contributors and new products and ...
    Co-­founder / Chief Evangelist
  • Introduction to Heptio Ark
    An Ark is a vessel or sanctuary that is supposed to serve as protection against extinction. The most famous Ark in history is Noah’s Ark that the Bible says was built with instructions from God to protect Noah’s ...
    Co­-founder / CTO
  • Sneak Peek Inside Our New Office
    It feels like yesterday when we used to discuss the business plan and write code in a single room office. And we are happy to announce-“We’ve moved!” In the past few months, our team ...
  • Bonjour Readers!
    *Drum rolls* Tada! Hello and Welcome readers! Please make yourself all comfy with your steaming cuppa and prop those feet up. Welcome to the Opcito Blog, which we promise, isn’t like a formal straight laced corporate blog. ...
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