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Vinay Patil

Vinay Patil
Vinay is responsible for building the company\'s user-centric product team and aligning company’s technology roadmap with growth trajectory to better serve the customers.
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Container vulnerabilities and security best practices

Containers have been pretty much a part of the software world since the late 70s when during the development of Unix V7, the chroot system call was introduced. But we had to...

Microservices simplified with NGINX app server platform

NGINX, a project started in 2002, is now a company widely appreciated for its opensource web-server platform which is rivaling the likes of Apache and Microsoft. With its...

Blue/Green Deployment with AWS Part - II

In my last blog, I talked about the blue/green deployment and use of AWS services in blue/green deployment. In this blog, I will mainly talk about blue/green deployment using...

How does Blue/Green deployment work with AWS?

In one of our projects, we were working on the production upgrade of a large web application. The process involved upgrading multiple services and its components on different...

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