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Sachin Gade

Sachin Gade
Sachin directs the DevOps technology efforts at Opcito. Sachin has strong expertise in cloud product development with the understanding of AWS, Azure, GCP, OpenStack cloud platforms. He is a seasoned technocrat with expertise in multi-cloud DevOps, orchestration and automation technologies. He is also a CNCF Certified Kubernetes Administrator with rigorous experience on leading Container platforms.
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Recent Posts

ES Index migration simplified!

Data migration may conceptually sound simple but it is one of those things that are not as simple as they sound. The lack of integration and synchronization between system...

Securing Kubernetes environment with internal load-balancers and Ingress on AWS and VPN

Security is one of the biggest concern nowadays and organizations have started investing a considerable amount of time and money in it. 2018 has shown every one of us why it is...

Custom inventory management using Ansible AWX Tower

In my first blog of AWX series, I talked about how to set up auto scaling infrastructure using Ansible AWX for AWS auto scaling group configuration and deployment. You can also...

What more can you do with Ansible AWX?

In my last blog, I talked about how you can set up autoscaling infrastructure using Ansible AWX for AWS autoscaling group configuration and deployment. You can use this to...

Provisioning an Autoscaling Infrastructure using Ansible AWX

In current application era, continuous application availability and zero downtimes are the most tempting things and if you have a SaaS-based product, it’s very important to...

What’s new in Kubernetes 1.7?

Kubernetes is one of the popular platforms for container orchestration and management. After focusing more on the stability front in 1.6, Kubernetes 1.7 is here with more than...

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