Combining the DLT and augmenting technologies to deliver
automated governance efficient data management distributed cloud storage encrypted data messaging

Opcito’s Blockchain offerings

Leveraging the latest technological breakthrough by combining it with Opcito’s expertise in complementing technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things to eliminate data redundancies and resource-time expenditure for enhanced business outcomes

Public and private deployment

Creating new and supporting existing business applications with public and private deployments of the blockchain

Decentralized application design and development

Leverage decentralization inherent in the blockchain to design and develop DAOs

Smart contracts

Exchange data in a transparent and reliable way on top of blockchain with a customized sets of rules between all the interacting entities

Smart contract audits

Ensure security of the automated and decentralized exchange of data through methodical auditing of smart contracts


Develop smart contracts with Opcito’s expertise in Ethereum - open-source public blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system


Develop blockchains and distributed ledgers to boost performance and reliability with tools such as Sawtooth and Fiber from Hyperledger

Cryptocurrency - Coins, Tokens, Altcoins, Bitcoin

Develop wallet applications, exchange platforms, ICO, and token designing, development and integration services

Platform and technology stack




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