Application Modernization

Application Modernization

Embracing application and infrastructure modernization offers enhanced flexibility, risk mitigation, minimized disruption, and reduced costs. Our solutions provide a competitive edge to address the ever growing needs of rapid response time, high availability, and multi-tenancy. Furthermore, Opcito helps you re-architect and facilitate the smooth migration of legacy applications to modernized platforms powered by our expertise in cloud-native applications, DevOps practices, containerization technologies, microservices, and serverless architecture.

Microservice Architecture

Microservices are designed to develop software application as a suite of independently deployable services. Opcito helps you to easily build and deploy a microservices-based application with faster and agile based development cycle and fully automated deployment process.

  • Independently deploy and scale microservices on a containerized platform
  • Migrate legacy applications to microservices based architecture for better agility and scale
  • Manage application dependencies and provide insights into release and deployment status

Serverless Architecture

Migrating applications to serverless computing shows marked reduction in costs and internal complexities as compared to sticking to the traditional homebrewed server architecture. With our expertise in serverless computing, we assist in easy deployment of your application as streamlined independent functions. Our experts help you to develop and run lightweight compute solutions that are fully managed for a serverless environment by leveraging powerful frameworks like AWS Lambda, Azure Function, and Google Cloud Function.

  • Effectively deploy your application as a serverless microservice to reduce infrastructure and scale costs
  • Easy migration of your application to lightweight, event-based microservices on to the cloud
  • Metered service so you only pay for what you use

Our Key Offerings

Cloud Native

Cloud Native

Assessment of existing legacy applications to leverage cloud architecture and services


Re-architect your existing legacy applications to microservices based architecture for better scale and easy maintenance


Assess and re-architect your existing legacy applications to consume hosted SaaS services and serverless architectures to reduce infrastructure and better scale and agility


Assess existing processes to build DevOps culture and process for better business agility


Enable your applications to get deployed on popular container platforms like Docker, Kubernetes, AWS ECS, etc. to optimise on cost and scale quickly
Tools & Frameworks

Opcito was able to support us end to end, from articulating functional specifications and technical design to application delivery. The talented group of programmers provided unmatched level of creativity and technological expertise.


VP, Silicon Valley Product company June 20, 2017

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