Empower your legacy applications for the new age


Reinvigorate market potential of your applications with legacy applicationmodernization services

Why modernize applications and environments?

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Enhanced agility and scalability to deliver faster and avoid delivery bottlenecks

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An easy and affordable way to update applications with desirable functionality than creating a new one

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Add the power of new-age technologies like cloud and containers for making it future-ready

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Optimum utilization of available technology resources and cost-efficient way to maintain applications

Why application modernization with Opcito?

Opcito’s team of legacy application modernization engineering experts can add a new competitive edge to existing applications by defining an application modernization roadmap and strategy. Our engineer can open doors to a plethora of possibilities for you with the following possibilities:

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Application migration

Migrating legacy applications and related data to modern cloud environments with cutting edge technologies by re-hosting, re-platforming, and/or rearchitecting applications without disrupting usual business

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Application reengineering

Adding new value to legacy applications by enhancing scalabilities and functionalities, web and mobile enablement, improved UI/UX, improved performance and response time.

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Application containerization

Adding enhanced portability, scalability, infrastructure optimization, automation possibilities, availability, security, and governance by combining cloud with containers

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Microservices transitioning

Application modernization experts who leverage a microservice-based architecture for better scalability, cleaner coding, easier deployments for rapid provisioning with a simplified transition from legacy monoliths

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